Coronavirus (COVID-19)


4th January 2021


At McQuades we have reviewed the current situation together with continuing Government Guidance.


Following the recent government announcement, as from 5th January 2021 we cannot see any client in person. We will be working behind locked doors and any client communication must now be by telephone,

post or email.  Your matter will otherwise continue to be progressed.


For new clients providing their ID, you can email to us or send a copy of your passport/driving licence and utility bill or other proof of address and we will carry out an online ID Verification.


New matters will continue on the understanding that before completion, and provided the government’s restrictions on movement are eased, you attend the office with the original of your photo ID for us to verify. Alternatively if you have already had your ID certified by another solicitor or independent financial advisor

who is on the FCA register, we can accept certified copy ID from such person.


For signed contract documents, please post the originals or hand-deliver through the letter box if you wish.

For new matter forms, we can also accept these by email.


Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.


We will continue to review the situation in light of updated government guidance.




Director & Licensed Conveyancer:  Annemarie McQuade

Director is synonymous with Partner

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